2. Filter new protocols and expose to mind in order to upload information to brain server

Since neither of us were well-prepared to start a company, we decided to take some classes to fill in our knowledge gaps. We enrolled at the local evening school in Ghent (Fig. 2.1.) for programming classes (Fig. 2.2.) and business management [1]. Twice a week, after a quick dinner at the lab, we ventured into the unknown of WordPress and business.

Figure 2.1. Our weekly hangout during evening classes at Henleykaai, Ghent

As we wanted to be involved in every part of our business, we thought developing Secundum Artem’s site ourselves was crucial [2]. Thanks to the indispensable tips and guidance of the tutor (shout-out to Rose!) we got to know the inner workings of a WordPress site and eventually were able to create this site. Indeed, our end exam was creating a site, which happens to be the blueprint of this one! 


Figure 2.2. Two pharmacists enjoying the highs and lows of programming

Although our scientific background is quite extensive (yet essential for the brewing itself), we had no clue how to actually start a brewery [3]. For this reason we decided to add a course of business management to our evening classes. Though no longer legally required to start a company, we wanted to jump into this adventure fully prepared [4]. Honorable mention to our teacher, Veronique Leuntjens! She gave us the necessary push that set everything in motion. Founding procedures, Business Model Canvases [5], Buyer Persona’s, (Elevator) pitches, …, business management had no secrets for us anymore.

To complete our repertoire of preparatory classes, we attended a workshop on ‘how to start your own brewery’ organized by Brouwland (Fig. 2.3.). Covering topics such as excise duty (accijnzen for our Dutch-speaking readers) and proper licenses, this workshop was the final piece of the evening class puzzle. We were now ready to start a company, sort of…

Figure 2.3. Bringing the knowledge together (Brouwland, Beverlo)


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