Our Honeywines

Tonicum florum

Expertly brewed for salving extreme cases of Tenegionis*

Mead infused with freshly cut poppy [Papaver somniferum], hibiscus [Hibiscus sabdariffa], and rosehip [Rosa canina L.].

(*) the state of mind when you are thinking you don’t want to think about something followed by you constantly thinking about it.

Elixir aurum

Expertly brewed for the alleviation of insufferable Chronovola*

Mead infused with freshly cut chamomile [Matricaria chamomilla], rose petals [Rosa gallica], and orange blossom [Citrus sinensis].

(*) the feeling of being aware that everything you do is over from the moment you end up doing it.

∴ Perfect serve ∴

Enjoy Secundum Artem slightly chilled.

Pour in your most regal, dignified glass on a single cube of ice – if preferred.

In a festive mood, mix equal parts with sparkling wine.