Our recipes

Introducing the House of Secundum Artem


• 1 part Tonicum Florum
• 1 part Red Vermouth
• Angostura Bitters

Pour equal parts over ice cubes and top with Angostura Bitters. Stir thoroughly until fully mixed. Transfer to new glass and add orange peel over the top. Enjoy!

Lady Poppy is the first cocktail in the Secundum Artem household, invented by @servedbysoberon. Named after one of the key ingredients at the base of our beloved Tonicum Florum.

We hope the combination of our floral honey wine and richness of red vermouth inspires a warm and elegant feeling.

The simple and readily available recipe makes it an ideal home-made cocktail to share with friends, family, and royalty.


• 2 parts Elixir Aurum
• 1 part Dry Vermouth or Martini Bianco
• 1 part Gin

Pour the honey wine over ice cubes and add equal parts Dry Vermouth and your favourite Gin. Top with lemon peel. Enjoy!

Queen Camilla is our newest addition to the House of Secundum Artem. She’s named after the chamomile present in Elixir Aurum.

Invented by @servedbysoberon,
Queen Camilla offers all the herbal complexity one might hope to find
in a cocktail. The herbal spices in Elixir Aurum elevate the richness of
the vermouth and gin.

Beware – this elegance is not for the faint of heart.