Who we are

Established in 2018

Secundum Artem is the story of two pharmacists crafting their own mead, starting from high quality liquid gold, also known as honey. Using obscure, scientific knowledge, a perfect synergy between bee and bloom is found, as the mead is infused with apothecary herbs.

Our products will carry you back to days of old and overwhelm you with a feeling of nostalgia of times past. The sweetness of locally harvested honey, combined with a pallet of rich herbal flavors and essences composed by Secundum Artem, will lead you to a perennial feeling of absolute blessedness

Let’s bring back the magic in your life. 

Ian & Karl-Jan


As graduated doctors in pharmacy, we have extended knowledge on the process of fermentation and are able to select the finest apothecary herbals for infusion, which leads to unique taste experiences


We are extremely passionate about the products we create, and try to raise awareness for the declining honeybee population in the world