1. Extract one good idea and incubate overnight under ethanol vapor at 22°C

Figure 1.1. Actual footage of the moment our business idea first came together. From this moment on Secundum Artem was born.

After graduating in Pharmaceutical Sciences we both started a PhD at the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Microbiology at Ghent University (Fig. 1.2.). Both our bench spaces were situated in the same lab and quickly our minds and conversations wandered far from work. Soon we realized we shared a passion and dream for creating our own startup with the knowledge we acquired over the years.

Figure 1.2. Hard at work at the lab.

Being pharmacists and microbiologists the path to brewing was pretty obvious. In addition, it also helps that we both appreciate an original, well-crafted drink. We wanted to create a brand that feels nostalgic, timeless, and almost magical. Of course, what is more magical than the oldest alcoholic beverage created by mankind, mead [1]. Using honey as the base ingredient, we could as well increase awareness to the declining bee population [2], [3].

After work we met at the Geus Van Gent and started brainstorming (Fig. 1.1). We were inspired by the atmosphere. Shortly after, we wrote our ideas down and Secundum Artem was created (although to be completely honest, we didn’t have a name yet).


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